Thea Mipson is a character who appears in the As Told By Ginger three-part special, "Far From Home". She is voiced by Joey Lauren Adams.


Thea is the first cousin of Mipsy and attends the prestigious Avalanche Arts Academy. She and Mipsy make a deal that Thea will convince Ginger to stay at the academy and convince their uncle to get Ginger a full scholarship as a way for Mipsy and Miranda to get rid of Ginger for good, in exchange Thea will receive a large amount of money from Mipsy's Bat Mitzvah account. Her plans nearly succeeded, but Ginger soon decides she wants to return to Sheltered Shrubs. When she is confronted by Courtney, Dodie, and Macie, and later Ginger she admits to everything, and makes no further effort to persuade Ginger.


Thea appears to be clever and deceptive, much like her cousin. However, at the same time, she is not as harsh as Mipsy, as she claims Ginger has "grown on her" by the end of the entire facade. She also appears to be materialistic, as she wanted Mipsy's money to support her shopping habits.


Thea looks much like her cousin, but hides her appearance by the use of a sandy brown wig.


  • Thea looks very similar to her cousin Mipsy.
  • It is very clear that Thea values cash as she participated in "Operation Transfer Girl" to pursue her shopping habits. She even does the "cha-ching!" sound when calling on Mipsy for a progress report.