The Nurses' Strike is the fourth episode (24th overall) of the second season which was broadcast on March 10, 2002.


Lois is out of work because of the nurses' strike. She decides to run her own cleaning business which greatly embarrasses Ginger. But since she needs the money for a school trip, Ginger joins her mother and finds that the mother-daughter time is actually fun. Miranda eventually finds out and has Courtney hire Lois to clean her house to embarrass Ginger. Meanwhile, Carl and Hoodsey try to train Principal Milty's dog, The Duchess, but only Hoodsey can truly get through to her.


  • Ginger Foutley 
  • Carl Foutley 
  • Courtney Gripling 
  • Macie Lightfoot 
  • Hoodsey Bishop 
  • Dodie Bishop 
  • Lois Foutley 
  • Miranda Killgallen 
  • Ms. Zorski 
  • Principal Milty 
  • Mipsy Mipson (in the background) 
  • The Duchess


Carl: (reacting to The Duchess) Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle! Of which I hope to be someday.

Lois: Uh, I was thinking more like the two of us. I don't think the big apple is ready for the big Carl.

Courtney: Yoo-hoo! You missed a spot. Ginger: Courtney, that's your reflection. Courtney: It is? Lois: Can we put a shine in a floor or what? Courtney: (gasps) I didn't think it was possible. Miranda: Neither did I. Courtney: I look even better reflected in a floor than in a mirror. 


  • Lois mentions the crazy vampire cleaning business that Carl participated in. A callback to the episode "Season of Caprice".


  • Darren does not appear in this episode.
  • In this episode we get to know a lot more of Lois' background of her struggling youth:
    • Lois lived in New York around her Sophomore year of Medical School.
    • She and a friend rented an apartment in Carnegie City above a Korean Deli.
    • At night she was a legendary dancer only for the summer.
    • Her first boyfriend's name was Jimmy and he's been described by Lois that he's really tall and has or had a mono brow.