As Told By Ginger - Splinter In My Heart - ( Lyrics )

As Told By Ginger - Splinter In My Heart - ( Lyrics )

This song can be heard in the series As Told By Ginger. It is the eighth song of the series. The song was written by Ginger. The first half of the song with different lyrics can be heard in the episode Kiss Today Goodbye. The new lyrics are heard during Ginger's solo in the garage with her new band, and then Ginger sings it again (in a montage) during her appendix operation in the episode A Lesson in Tightropes. Ginger wrote this song about the rough patch in her relationship with Darren.

Original lyrics

Ginger: It's not bad really

just a tiny splinter

like a stubborn leaf

in the dead of winter

just a tiny splinter in my heart

New version lyrics

Ginger: It's kinda sad really

Guess I'm the sort who'll linger

When the credits roll

I still can't leave a picture

The picture I hold in my heart 

(30 seconds of background music)

There's a road that's left to travel (travel, travel)

There's bridges left to burn

There's songs I haven't written (written, written)

Lessons left to learn

There's reasons still to fight (fight)

There's you to kiss good night

So hold on... hold on tight (tight, tight)

(24 seconds of background music)

It makes me mad really

Wish I can blame a twister

Or a hurricane

Or my pesky sister

Wish I can blame away this feeling in my heart