Simone is a minor character on As Told By Ginger. She is voiced by Erica Luttrell and made her debut in Detention.


Simone's first appearance is in Detention, as head cheerleader. She flirted with Darren any time she could, even when Dodie and Macie watched in shock. Later in Kiss Today Goodbye, Dodie discovers Darren and Simone's "relationship" but she can't tell Ginger and hurt her. In A Lesson in Tightropes, Ginger is finally told about Simone by Darren himself.

Shortly thereafter, it is discovered that Ginger has an acute apendicitis and is rushed to the hospital. Darren and Simone get in an argument in the gift shop on what to give Ginger, she suggests chocolate, which what Darren thought was a horrible idea, mostly because of Ginger's stomach surgery. In Dodie's Big Break, she was shown nice, kinda, and helped her. She was last seen at the end of The Wedding Frame.


Simone is a popular 16-year-old head cheerleader, and was Darren's girlfriend for a while. She first had a major role in Kiss Today Goodbye. Darren joins the football team and she develops a crush on him. Darren began to have a relationship with Simone behind Ginger's back and Darren eventually breaks up with Ginger to be with Simone. When it comes to Lucky High School, she was really confident in the choices she made, even if Darren didn't agree. She last appeared at the wedding of Lois and Dr. Dave in The Wedding Frame, sometime after that she and Darren broke up and he and Ginger reunited.


Simone has medium, brown, curly hair with a light blue headband. Sometimes she wears her cheer outfit to school, but out of school, she wears spring colors and has her hair in a ponytail.



Lucky High School CheerleadersShe seems to get along with the other cheerleaders very well. She sometimes gives her input to the girls.


Darren Patterson (Boyfriend, later ex): Darren and Simone first were seen flirting, and soon a couple after Ginger and Darren broke up. They argued a lot, especially when Ginger is mentioned. Apparently, they broke up after The Wedding Frame maybe after their differences.


Ginger FoutleyShe seems to have no animosity against Ginger. In A Lesson in Tightropes, she walks past Ginger in the hallway and gives her a smug look. They also had another interaction in Dodie's Big Break when Darren introduced her to Ginger in the cafeteria. 

Coach CandaceIt's assumed she has a good relationship with her. Simone is trusted enough by Candace to give instructions to the other cheerleaders.


  • Like many recurring characters, she is not shown with her parents.