Pony Tale toys as seen in Ginger's shelf

Pony Pony Tale is a very popular toy as seen in As Told By Ginger. The only fans we've known so far are Ginger, Dodie, Macie, and Nana Bishop.


In the pilot episode, the toy line was originally called Pony Girls. As the series goes on we see Ginger has the most Pony Tale figures as she has eight; Dodie's has three and Macie may have only one or two.

Ginger appears to be a bigger fan of the the series as she has the bed comfertor, sleeping bag, and plush ponies.

List of Merchandise

  • Pony Tale toys/figure
  • Pony Tale hair clips
  • Pony Tale Earrings
  • Pony Tale posters
  • Pony Tale plush dolls
  • Pony Tale Bed comforter
  • Pony Tale throw pillow
  • Pony Tale pillow and bed sheets
  • Pony Tale sleeping bag
  • Pony Tale jewelery


Each pony has their own color and style. Ginger has owns many pieces of memorabilia in her room.


  • Pony Tale are a parody of Hasbro's toyline My Little Pony and it's 1990's series My little Pony Tales.
  • Many fans drew Ginger as a MLP (2010 series). Her pony design is an Earth pony and her cutiemark is a sunflower or a teddy bear.
  • Many fans call Ginger a PegaSister due to her being big fan of the ponies.
  • Though the Pony toys Ginger, Macie and Dodie have seem to be more based on the orignal G1 My Little Ponies, along with G2 and early G3 rather than the later G3.5 or G4 incarnations. (This is due to the other two Gens not existing when As Told By Ginger was on air.).
  • One of the ponies behind Ginger resembles the original G1 Twilight.
  • Emily Kapnek, the creator of the show could be a fan of the MLP series.