Polly Shuster (voiced by Paula Tiso) is Carl's classmate and was nicknamed "The Crazy Bird Girl" by many people. She is really obsessed with birds and dresses and acts like them. She was first shown in "Wicked Game" as Noelle's enemy, and won a bet to spend time with Carl over the weekend. It's revealed in Wicked Game that her whole family is crazy over birds, which is where she got it from. Her backyard is filled with birds and is a paradise to her.


Polly was only a main character in two episodes, "Wicked Game" and "Butterflies Are Free". In "Wicked Game", she won Carl from Noelle in a card game. They spent the whole weekend together playing Bird World. Blake saw them and took pictures of them to make Noelle jealous and think she's losing him to her. In "Butterflies are Free", Carl asks Polly for help on what to do with the time capsule. Later she tried digging up the time capsule to get out what she put in. She was the cause of Noelle and Carl's break up.


Polly mostly acts like a bird and makes bird noises. She seems to be a nice person, until she attempted to steal Carl's petrified eyeball. This shows that she can be deceiving. 


Polly has blond hair, which she puts in ponytails with two red hair ties. She wears a green top, blue (maybe denim) overalls and flip-flops. When playing bird world, she dresses up like birds. She talks like a parrot, but its mostly fake.



Parents: Polly's parents were mentioned only once by Noelle. She got her obsession with birds from them.


Carl Foutley: Carl was really interested in Polly and her bird problem. After that the two became somewhat enemies because of Noelle thinking of him cheating on her.


Noelle Sussman: Noelle and Polly have always disliked each other, and when it came to card games Polly seemed to always win.


  • Her name likely comes from an old stereotypical saying "Polly want a cracker?" which is usually said to parrots.