Orion (voiced by Justin Cowden) is a 15-16 year old boy Ginger met in Detention. They become close friends, especially after she and Darren break up.


Orion is in detention when Ginger is sent there after falling asleep in class. He smiles at her and Ginger gives him a small smile back. Orion later helps Ginger get out of detention and is the only kind one to her about the song she wrote about Darren. He enjoys Ginger's creativity and allows her to be the lead singer in their band. They becomes friends as the series progresses; he plays with her music notebook and they flirt with each other ("Kiss Today Goodbye"). Their friendship blossoms into a romance; however, and Orion admits his true feelings (his heart almost burst in a thousand pieces) to her when Ginger is in the hospital ("A Lesson in Tightropes"). Orion also helps Ginger bring back the band program (Battle of the Bands).

Ginger invites Orion to be her "date" at her mother's wedding, making them an official couple (The Wedding Frame).



Orion has brown hair and relaxed eyes. He often wears black or dark clothing. Orion normally wears jeans with a chain out, a black t-shirt, and a jean jacket. He is taller than most of the other main characters.



Band members: Orion is in a band with two members. He seems to have a good relationship with them. He is never seen arguing or with disagreeing them in any way. 

Dodie Bishop and Macie Lightfoot: He gets along with Dodie and Macie very well. He filled the role that Darren left after he became involved in football and began dating Simone. 


Ginger Foutley: Ginger and Orion met in detention. They were casually friendly towards each other and began hanging out together while Ginger was still dating Darren. After Darren cheats on her and they breakup, Ginger and Orion grow closer and eventually become a couple after Orion admits his feelings. As shown in a "future sneak peak"; however, the two eventually break up and Ginger marries Darren.


Darren Patterson: Although he doesn't interact with Darren, he seems to have no resentment against him. 


  • In The Wedding Frame, he makes a joke about how Ginger is preparing for the wedding so much, he would think they were getting married. It's possible he may have a fear of commitment.