Noelle Sussman (voiced by Emily Kapnek) was a classmate of Carl and later his girlfriend. She was a background character, until she debuted in "And She Was Gone". Carl never noticed her but when she moved, he thought he made her disappear.


Noelle is a very strange girl who was first shown in 'And She Was Gone', Carl bought a vanishing powder and put it all around her desk. However when Carl and Hoodsey spied on her they realized they don't want her gone because they have a lot in common. Her craziness and odd nature appealed to Carl and he watched her lovingly that whole day. The next day Noelle was absent, and Carl was overwhelmed with guilt and sorrow, but it turned out she only moved to a different elementary school across town.

In 'Far From Home' Noelle and Carl appear to be an unofficial couple. It's revealed she has telekinetic powers, and Carl wants to enter her in a freak show and win the first prize. However, to do so, they need an adult to travel with them, so they try to make Hoodsey appear to be a man. Problems arise when he can't mimic a man's voice, so Noelle kisses him and he immediately has a deeper tone. This angers Carl, and he suspects an affair between Noelle and Hoodsey when he sees that they are getting along 'too well' and hanging around each other more.

On the bus on the way to the freak show, Noelle and Hoodsey (disguised as a man) get off at a stop to get some food, but they miss their chance to get back on the bus. As they watch it drive away Noelle uses her powers to try and pull the bus back, but all she could manage was dismantling the spare tire at the back, which houses the stowaway Carl.

An argument arises between the trio about his fears of Noelle and Hoodsey's potential romance. But she tells him:

'The only reason me and Hoodsey got involved in the Freak Fest was for you Carl!'

Then, due to an avalanche, the ice Carl was standing on begins to break and Noelle quickly uses her powers to haul him to safety at the expense of her own energy. She falls onto the cold, snowy ground and Carl rushes to her and picks her back up, they share a smile, and he tells her:

'Thanks Noelle. You saved my life.'

And soon after, he also officially proclaims her as his girlfriend.

She appears again in the show's finale 'The Wedding Frame' where she plays a large part in revealing a woman who tried to sabotage Lois and Dr. Dave's wedding. She revealed her to be Nikki LaPorte. Carl says he is happy to see her again, but she assures him of no intent of getting back together by saying:

'Please Carl. Let bygones be bygones.'

Her and Carl never rekindled their relationship again, however it is believed that they remain good friends.


She has a weird and eccentric personality. She also has telekinetic powers. She would often do odd things which made Carl notice of her in "And She Was Gone".


Noelle has tan skin, and is really short. She was nine years old when she first appeared, and had shoulder length, red-orange hair. She has glasses which have big, green frames. She has on a light purple shirt under a blue sweater, moss green pants and blue shoes.



Parents: Little is known about Noelle's family. They moved once and they own the local trailer park.


Hoodsey Bishop: She and Hoodsey get along well. In "Far From Home", the two of the them began to bond after she unexpectedly kissed him. Carl became jealous of them. The three of them eventually made up in part 3. 


Carl Foutley (ex-boyfriend): Their relationship was really short, but they had weirdness in common. When they broke up it was because of Polly, Noelle's enemy, and Blake.


Polly Shuster (Enemy): Polly and Noelle go to the same school and they both dislike each other. When they play card games, Polly seems to win alot which makes Noelle upset. Noelle once described her as part bird part snake.


  • Every year Blake Gripling invited every other student in his class to his birthday party except Noelle.
  • She was born in Portugal.
  • She was held back in Kindergarten for non compliance as she refused to take a nap in class.