Mye Zuckerberg is a background character who appears and first speaks in the episode "I Spy a Witch". (voiced by Hope Levy). She appears to be a bit of a drama nerd.


Mye is mostly a background character. She has only spoken on rare occasions, and she sung in the episode "I Spy a Witch". Not much is known about her other than the fact she seems to be friends with Mipsy and is on speaking terms with Miranda, despite being someone who they wouldn't give the light of day to usually.


Mye, appears to be slightly mischievous and commenting on how she loved the makeover that Mipsy and Miranda gave the statue, and that she wouldn't say a word to anyone about it. She seems to be quite dramatic in that she seems to take her performances, quite seriously and seems to like singing in "I Spy a Witch". She also seems to be quite smart though appears to be a little bit rude at times as seen in the episode "The Nurses' Strike" when she walks right in front of Dodie, Macie and Ginger in mid conversation, which appears to annoy Dodie as she looks at Mye with an angry look. She can be seen in the background in the episode "Fast Reputation" looking rather sad that the cafeteria food is back and she can no longer get food from Carl and Hoodsey's food stand which means she really liked their food. She seems to like ice cream and can be seen at the fair and is shocked at Carl riding a two headed horse in "Fair to Cloudy", and appears to slightly mess up her lines. She also stutters slightly as she says them, she has quite a boyish voice.


She is seen wearing the same outfit though out the series but the colors on her clothes change. She wears a white shirt with black cuff links, she wears various colored tank tops over the shirt, and a skirt, with long white socks and brown shoes.

She is always seen wearing her purple John Lennon style glasses, she has black long hair which spikes and fans out at the back, she's often seen with a angry or sad look to her.


  • Mye's outfit changes color instantly in the episode "I Spy a Witch", it goes from red to blue.
  • Mye is on speaking terms with the popular girl group, mainly Mipsy and Miranda and was seen sitting next to some of the other popular girls.
  • She mainly wears the same outfit in different colors, red, yellow, blue and aqua.
  • She likes Carl and Hoodsey's food.
  • She is voiced by Hope Levy who also voices, Chet Zipper.
  • She shares the same last name as Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, though As Told By Ginger aired before Facebook was made.
  • She likes to mix ice cream flavors, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.
  • Mye isn't used in the background as much as Hope or Noelle was. (Hope and Noelle get more major roles later on).