Mrs. Dave is the mother of Dr. Dave, Lois Foutley's mother-in-law, Ginger Foutley and Carl Foutley’s step grandmother.


She is known for having a sassy, commanding and uptight personality. She and Lois never get along about anything. In About Face, she’s invited over for dinner by her son. He was nervous the entire time because he knows how she gets. Mrs. Dave made a lot of rude comments throughout the night until Dr. Dave stood up to her and proposed to Lois. In Ten Chairs, she messed with the turkey in the middle of the night at the Foutley home.

In The Wedding Frame, she pulled some strings to have Nikki LaPorte dress up as Diane Francis (Dr. Dave's ex-girlfriend) in order to sabotage her own son's wedding. She also got two people she knew Myrna and Maryellen to help out as well. She thanked them for their help while she paid Nikki her money without a thank you. She revealed her plan to everyone after Noelle Sussman brought the real Diane Francis to the wedding. She is a symbol of mother-in-laws who are hard to get along with. She was voiced by the late Patti Deutsch.


She is shown to wear a lot of purple clothing. She wears a purple hat with a purple skirt and a purple coat. In Ten Chairs, the clothing she wears are light purple. In The Wedding Frame she wears a salmon colored dress, low heeled shoes and hat to the wedding. 


She is very demanding and likes to take control of everything. She is unreasonable when she sees something that's out of the ordinary. She'll take matters into her own hands to make it right in her eyes. 


Dr. David DaveShe mainly likes to force herself on him. She doesn't let her son make certain decisions. He would sometimes stand up her when he feels like she's gone too far.