Melissa 'Mipsy' Mipson is the "third most popular girl" at school, after Courtney Gripling and Miranda Killgallen.


Mipsy, like Courtney Gripling, comes from a wealthy family though she gets along better with Miranda, who shares her dislike for Ginger Foutley (whereas Courtney is known to be nice to her). Mipsy and Miranda are often seen scheming in an attempt to make Ginger's life as miserable as possible. Together, they attempted to break up Darren and Ginger and tried to get Ginger to transfer to another school.

Mipsy is Jewish, as she claimed to have a Bat Mitzvah ("Family Therapy").

CoolToons Description

"Melissa "Mipsy" Mipson is a member of Courtney Gripling's inner circle, and some would say second only to Miranda in that crowd. Mipsy has worked hard to maintain her standing as one of the "popular" girls at Lucky Junior High, and resents the fact that Courtney has decided to give someone like Ginger Foutley so much attention when she doesn't even try to fit in. Like Courtney, Mipsy comes from a wealthy family, and even played a part in Ginger being accepted into the Avalanche Arts Academy by sweet talking her relatives who were on the admissions board there. Of course, her only reason for doing so wasn't to help Ginger, but to get rid of her! Besides Miranda, Mipsy may prove to be the sharpest thorn in Ginger's side.


Mipsy is seen as having a conniving and manipulative personality. Her social status means a lot to her and she does everything in her power to keep it as such. She is more at ease around the popular girls and she gets along well with them. 


Mipsy is seen wearing different outfits almost every day. She has long, brown hair that falls to her waist and wears purple lipstick throughout the series.



Thea Mipson

Thea is Mipsy's cousin who attends Avalanche Arts Academy. The depth of their relationship is unknown, but one can assume they're close due to Thea's involvement in "Operation Transfer Girl". She loves to shop and gladly accepted money from Mipsy to continue her shopping.

Maurice Mipson

Maurice Mipson is Mipsy and Thea's uncle. He sits on the acceptance board at Avalanche Arts, and was somehow persuaded by Mipsy to offer Ginger a full-time scholarship. The depth of their relationship is unknown, but when Thea asks Mipsy to work her "magic" on Maurice, it basically implies that Mipsy has some leverage or power over Maurice.


Courtney Gripling

Mipsy is one of Courtney's friends; she looks up to her and is generally nice towards her. Mipsy gets jealous when Courtney spends more time with Ginger, and went to lengthy precautions to stay friends with Courtney by getting Ginger sent away to arts college in "Far From Home". When Miranda and Courtney have a falling out ("Trouble in Gal Pal land"), Mipsy takes over Miranda's role of Courtney's best "gal pal".

Last of Jr High 3

Mipsy with her eye patch at her graduation in "Butterflies Are Free". She is seen next to Miranda.

As is typical for friends, Mipsy invited Courtney to her 13th birthday party ("Family Therapy") and she joins Courtney's group when they sing 'Courtney's World' for the talent show ("Come Back Little Seal Girl"). Mipsy also forgave Courtney for accidentally throwing a stone at her eye (causing her to wear an eye-patch at graduation) which then hit her on the head when it bounced off the window ("About Face"). She also shares her locker combination with Courtney ("Far From Home").


Joaquin CortezShe wanted to be with him after hearing Dodie talk about him in Love With a Proper Transfer Student. She goes over to the lunch table where Joaquin was sitting. She looks at him admiringly, but Joaquin gives her a less than interested look. She later tried to get the lead role with him in the school play. Ms. Zorski, however, chose Ginger to play the lead role.


Ginger Foutley

Mipsy hates Ginger and sees her as a threat to herself and the other girls in the popular crowd. She paid her cousin money to get rid of Ginger, and she often gives her sarcastic comments ("Stealing First" and "Fast Reputation"). In "Stealing First", she complements Ginger's coat, however she does it sarcastically, and in "Fast Reputation", she comments on how Ginger is a nice girl and nice girls finish last.

Dodie and Macie

Mipsy rarely interacts with either Dodie or Macie, though when she does, it's often in the form of mean comments (specifically on their outfit choices) or how "lame" they are. Mipsy, with Miranda's help, manipulates Dodie and Macie into helping them sabotage Ginger and Darren's relationship ("Wicked Game").

Mye Zuckerberg

Mipsy sends Mye an email with a photo showing the statue's makeover ("I Spy a Witch"); they are later seen standing together. Mye also says she wasn't going to say anything about the photo, so not much is known about their friendship.


  • According to Dodie's flash card on Mipsy, Mipsy is best known for her charm bracelet, which includes a peace sign, a thorny rose and a dragonfly charm.
  • The second thing Mipsy is best known for, according to Dodie's flash card, is faking a cough to get out of a math quiz.
  • Mipsy's real name is Melissa; Mipsy is a nickname given to her by her friends, though it is unknown who gave her the nickname or how and why she acquired it. She is one of the few characters to have a nickname in the series, another being Hoodsey.
  • Mipsy is Jewish.
  • She is the oldest out of Courtney and Miranda and was born on April 22nd (sharing a birthday with Macie Lightfoot).
  • Mipsy wears an eye patch at the Lucky Junior High graduation ceremony ("Butterflies Are Free").
  • Mipsy likes drama and acting as she was in both of the Lucky Junior High school plays.
  • Mipsy is voiced by Sandy Fox. She provides the English voice of Chibiusa/Sailor Chibi Moon in the Viz Media dub of Sailor Moon and she has been one of the many voices of Betty Boop. 
  • Mipsy is the mastermind of the failed "Operation Transfer Girl" plan.