Ian Richton (Voiced by Adam Wylie) is a boy in Ginger's class whom she has a crush on for a while. He is the star on the school soccer team and had to needed to keep a B or high to stay. Many girls like him, but two known are Ginger (but no more) and Miranda. It's a running gag that every time he appears, music plays most likely in Ginger's head due to her possibly overwhelming crush on him.


The main episodes Ian was in were Dare I, Darren?, The 'A' Ticket, and Piece of My Heart. In Dare I, Darren?, he was somewhat Miranda's date to the movies, but she really wanted to make Ginger try to like Darren, when she liked Ian as a way for Miranda to get Ian all for herself. In The 'A' Ticket, Ginger and him are paired in science class. Since Ginger was a science geek, he was happy to have her as his partner, and keep his B average. He grew closer to her and gave her his soccer jacket.

Darren found out about him using Ginger and warned her to stop doing his work. In Piece of My Heart, Ginger wanted to go with him but Miranda asked him out right in front of her. He was mentioned a lot in Season of Caprice as Ginger's boyfriend from Courtney, which caused drama between Ginger and Sasha. In seasons 2 and 3, he faded and became a background character. However, in About Face he was mentioned by Joann ("Josie") as she was talking to the popular girls in the bathroom.


Ian can be air-headed and he plays around with his friends. He is generally seen as a nice guy, although his love of soccer can supersede his behavior. 


Ian has black wavy hair and looks sometimes messy. He wears a lot of t-shirts under his jackets jeans and boots. His soccer jacket is blue with yellow and red stripes on the sleves, with a soccer ball on it.



Ginger Foutley: Ginger had a big crush on Ian since the third grade, Courtney and her friends knew about this because she revealed it in "Sleep On It." In "Dare I, Darren", when they were learning about the pituitary gland, Courtney suggested that Ginger and him sit close, Ginger gave a blank look. Later, while on a double date with Miranda and Darren, she grabbed his and Darren's hand, but Ian didn't mind. While paired together in science during "The 'A' Ticket", Ian used her to get better grades and was so happy, her gave her his soccer jacket. Ginger gave up on Ian during season 2.

Miranda Killgallen: Miranda also liked Ian and even wrote his name all over her notebook. In "Dare I, Darren" she choose Ian over Mipsy, who she came with, to go in with her. In "The A Ticket", she was really upset that Ginger and he were paired together, and to add on she didn't like her. In "Piece of My Heart", she asked him out, and he didn't really seem to care.


Soccer: Ian's favorite sport is soccer and, he is the star on the soccer team. He has a jacket to show he plays the sport and always wore it. He choose soccer over grades and needed a B average to stay on the team which is similar to many schools who have to have a certain grade average to stay on that sport team.


  • Like other recurring characters Ian's parents weren't shown.