Hope Rogers (voiced by Jane Wiedlin) is a classmate of Ginger, and was a timid, quiet girl. Once she becomes popular with the help of Ginger and her friends she takes over Courtney Gripling's position as the most popular girl in school. She intimidates Courtney Gripling and becomes the center of attention. Hope and Courtney eventually becomes friends and Courtney regains her popularity. She later on becomes a part of Courtney Gripling's inner circle of friends. She was originally used as a background character, but got her own episode in "No Hope for Courtney".


In early seasons Hope was nameless and rarely shown. After having to be pushed around by Courtney too long, and not being known by anyone (Courtney called her Faith), she decided to change herself only by her earrings, which was still more difficult than she thought. Ginger gave her a big makeover, after she almost gave up Hope. Later, Hope's popularity boosted and so did her personality, to an even darker Courtney. After a fight between her and Courtney they become friends, and okay with each other, she was then seen in Butterflies Are Free during the graduation ceremony. She was last shown on the trip to Lucky High to see the pep squad. She was seen at Lois‘s wedding in The Wedding Frame



the old hope

At first Hope is a timid girl with no courage to speak up for herself, but after a make over pushed by Ginger and her friends, she changes into a confident teen who quickly fits in with the popular group. She recognizes Ginger in her newfound status and is very thankful towards her.


Hope has blonde hair, around shoulder-length. At first, Hope had non-fashionable clothes and wore a green beret, but after Ginger improved her look she had shorter blonde hair, and was a little brighter, more fashionable, Courtney-like clothing and light blue eye makeup.



Parents: Nothing is known about Hope's parents, but they're fortunate to have an in-ground glass bottom pool, where Hope can have a water disco.


Jean-Pierre: Jean-Pierre was shown taking Hope to her seat, sitting by her, and flirting with her like most girls. Little is known about their relationship, but both might like each other.


Courtney Gripling: Courtney didn't care or even know Hope's name in fact she used to call her "Faith". After she made changes to her life, Hope based her entire appearance and attitude on Courtney herself, but she didn't really like her at first. When doing a friendship party, Hope shows up late and confronts Courtney as being a nobody. When Courtney sees her highlights, the truth is told and both become friends.


  • Like many recurring characters Hope's parents weren't seen.