Carl and Maude is the second episode of the first season which was first broadcast on November 1, 2000.


Courtney Gripling invites herself to Ginger's house for dinner. Carl meets an elderly prankster, Maude, at the retirement home and invites her to dinner the same night. Hoodsey is jealous because Carl's spending so much time with Maude and he's changed since he met her. While Ginger tries to pretend Maude is her grandmother, Carl plans on proposing to her. Maude passes away during dinner.


Ginger, Dodie, Macie, and Carl (on a leash) to the Golden Gates Convalescent Homes for the girls to do their community service sentence in punishment for attempting to steal the sign. Dodie doesn't like how the retirement home isn't glamorous, and Ginger isn't much more excited. Macie is more acceptive of their fate ("you try to steal the sign, you have to do the time"). Hoodsey runs to the dog house to eat some snack cakes with Carl but upon arrival, he finds that Carl is not there. He pulls out a stone in the wall and finds a note from Carl saying that Lois made Ginger watch him. Hoodsey is upset that Carl didn't leave a key to the doghouse and sits to eat the snack cakes himself.

At the retirement home, Ginger, Dodie, and Macie get their assignments. Ginger directs bingo games, Dodie reads to the residents, and Macie brings desserts to the residents. Their supervisor warns the girls of Maude, a troublesome resident in room 202. Ginger tries to tell Carl to stay away from Maude, but he has already left. Carl goes to see Maude, and finds her trying to drop a water filled latex glove onto her insurance agent. Carl and Maude introduce each other. When Maude needs a drink, she puts her dentures into a glass of cherry soda, takes them out, and offers the glass to Carl. Carl takes a gulp and wins Maude's admiration. Throughout the conversation, Carl acts infatuated with Maude. Ginger overlooks bingo, handing out a wax food baskets and such prizes, and finishs her service fot the day. She calls her mother for a ride home and Lois informs her that Courtney called.

Ginger is extremely surprised/worried by this news. Back in Ginger's bedroom, Ginger and Darren call Courtney back. She has hold music, and the duo start to dance and sing along. Courtney interrupts them and Darren jumps back, and is seen in the background wrestling a yellow sock from his headgear for the rest of the scene. Courtney comments on how Ginger has been to Courtney's house before, and invites herself to Ginger's house for dinner. Carl makes up a reciever for Maude, to aid in their tricks, and Hoodsey is upset. He does not like that Carl is so interested in Maude, and thinks he is doing too much with her (e.g. having a receiver with Carl when before only Hoodsey and Carl can radio each other). Carl is certain that Hoodsey will like Maude when he meets her.

Carl and Hoodsey go to see Maude in the home, but Hoodsey is creeped out, stating that he "doesn't even spend this much time with [his] grandmother". However, he goes with Carl when Maude and Carl cheat at Crazy Eights. Carl radios to Maude that no one else has any hearts and she wins. Hoodsey becomes even more agitated by this, saying that he's seeing a new side of Carl. Carl brushes him off, saying that they do things like this all the time. Nitpick: Carl tells Maude to change the suit to hearts, but she puts down a black card, probably clubs. Ginger goes to ask her mother if Courtney can come to dinner, but Lois remembers when Courtney called Ginger "fashion impaired". Nonetheless, Lois consents, and agrees to make her famous stuffed mushroom caps for dinner. Carl goes to take his mother's Car Companion Bob, and she relents.

Carl also asks if he can have his "lady friend" (i.e. Maude) over for dinner, commenting that things are getting serious. Lois allows it. The next day, Carl, Hoodsey, and Maude play a prank on the retirement home where Car Companion Bob is pushed down a hill and crashes into a pond. Everyone is shocked, and the prank is a success but Hoodsey calls it juvenile. Hoodsey then gets even more upset with Carl. He's jealous over Maude and mad that Carl moved the key and didn't tell him. However, Maude tells Hoodsey where the key is and Hoodsey is upset that Maude knew before him. Carl weakly defends himself by stating "I thought I told you". Ginger, Macie, and Dodie work to make Ginger's room acceptable for Courtney.

They attach a disco ball to the light, and momentarily contemplate putting away the ponies, but decide to move on. Courtney picks out an outfit, saying that she want it to say that "I don't want to look better than you, but I kinda am." She wants Miranda's opinion on a top, but Miranda is too busy thinking of what Ginger's room is like. Ginger and the others move down to fix up the living room by moving an embarrassing picture of Ginger and concealing a stain. Ginger goes to set the table and Lois tells her that Maude will be joining them. Ginger is upset, and wishes that Maude will be a "shy little girl with an incredibly early curfew". However, Maude shows up on a motorcycle in an obnoxious orange jacket. Maude acts her usual loud and proud self throughout the night. Courtney then shows up. As Maude and Courtney sit on the couch, Maude found the picture of little Ginger on the toilet and shows it to Courtney. Ginger and Courtney then go upstairs for a tour of the house, passing Carl on the stairs. Carl is very dressed up in a suit and top hat. Courtney comes to see Ginger's room.

She comments on everything from the "retro" feel to the "pony motif". She also mistakes Ginger's vacuum for a robot and takes photos of everything. Before dinner is ready, Lois comes to talk with Carl and Maude about their relationship. She comes away more uncertain than reassured. Maude opens the dinner by itching a rash and talking about it. Immediatley after scratching her rash, she grabs some mushrooms. Ginger is horrified, but Carl adored her grossness and large appetite. Courtney calls her "revolting" in a nice way. Lois than brings out brisket for Courtney's approvals, and Courtney says Lois is "like the moms on TV". Hoodsey shows up and Carl comes outside to talk with him. Hoodsey tells Carl that he thinks that Maude has an ulterior motive-she wants one of Carl's lungs. Carl guesses that Hoodsey is jealous and tries to reassure Hoodsey that Maude could never replace him. However, when Carl shows Hoodsey a gift for Maude (a ringworm), Hoodsey gets more upset and runs off.

Meanwhile, Maude tries to get Courtney to chew some of her food for her. Ginger gets her to stop, and Maude starts to pout. Suddenly, Maude say "oh foo" and slumps over into her food. Ginger, Courtney, and Lois are shocked, and Ginger initially asks if Maude was asleep. A few days later, Ginger talks about Maude with Dodie and Macie. They mention that Carl gave a very touching eulogy ("as if he really loved her") and that Carl hasn't had to deal with any close deaths. A few feet away, Courtney and Miranda are also talking about the dinner, but Courtney is more excited over touching a vacuum and using her "sad for you face" than upset over Maude's death. Miranda is interested in the photos that Courtney took and is excited that she correctly predicted the ponies and mobile. Hoodsey comes over to see how Carl is. He apologizes for being suspicious of Maude, then invites Carl to go throw water balloons. Carl accepts, saying that it was "how Maude would've wanted it".


  • Receptionist
  • Man #1
  • Mrs. Gumfrey
  • Operator's Voice
  • Telephone Singer


Courtney: What do you think of this top, Miranda? I'm looking for something that says "I don't want to look like I'm better than you, but I kind of am".

Courtney: Mama always says it's important to maintain a degree of control over other people's lives.

Ginger: Mom, that was, like, 200 years ago, in the 5th grade or something.

Ginger: Do you think I should hide my ponies?

Maude: You must be Ginger. But I bet your friends call you "Ginger-vitis".

Courtney: Ooh, what is this, a robot? Ginger: No, Courtney. That's a vacuum cleaner. It's used for cleaning. Courtney: Fascinating. Ginger, there's so much you can teach me. 


  • The title and the plot of the episode is a reference to the 1971 film Harold and Maude.
  • The scene where Maude tries to force feed a slice of brisket to Courtney as she tries to resist has become an internet meme. 
  • Lois reveals that Courtney made Ginger cry in the 5th grade when she called her "fashionably impaired". 
  • When Ginger and Courtney were on the phone, it is revealed that Ginger has been to Courtney's mansion a "handful" of times. 
  • Hoodsey reveals that he has asthma.


  • After Ginger gives a woman a wax fruit basket for winning a game of bingo, her lavender shirt turns yellow. When she walks out the door her shirt is lavender again.