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Carl Foutley is Ginger's younger brother. He‘s in the fourth grade in the first season. He and his best friend, Hoodsey, come up with their schemes and perform their experiments in an abandoned doghouse in the Foutleys' backyard. He is one of the main characters of the series and appears in practically all episodes with his own story lines. He is voiced by Jeannie Elias.

Courtney Gripling's younger brother, Blake, is often the recipient of Carl's bad humor, due to the repeated theft of a petrified eyeball that initially belonged to Carl. Blake can usually be seen trying to get on Carl's good side, but Carl refuses his advances and takes every opportunity to humiliate Blake.


Friends 'til the end- Older Carl and Hoodsey

The doghouse once belonged to the Foutley's dog Monster, who ran away many years prior to the beginning of the series. In the series finale, Monster returns to the Foutleys.

The series finale shows Carl and Hoodsey becoming popular TV reporters. They are also among the group at a reading of Ginger's latest book.

For most of the series, he hangs out with his best friend Hoodsey Bishop. Together, they go through many adventures and overcome certain obstacles. Whenever he and Hoodsey come up with an idea, they usually go to the doghouse in his backyard. The doghouse contains all of their trinkets and objects. Standing in their way is their rival Blake Gripling. They also deal with the tactics of their classmate Brandon Higsby, who they think is a nuisance. 


Because of his unique, yet disturbing personality, his family sometimes act like they don't like him and often criticize him but they know that he means well. His mother often claim's that she is also afraid of what he is planning.

Carl's catch phrase is "classified." He is incredibly secretive about his plans, revealing as little as possible about them to anyone who may inquire, even if he needs outside help acquiring the necessary materials to carry them out, of which include catching a naked mole rat, turning himself into a wolf and attempting to stay on a ski lift for over 16 hours.

Despite his love of the gross and unusual, Carl's also got a big heart, as shown on several occasions; delivering a beautiful eulogy at Maude's funeral (Carl and Maude), and even openly crying after hearing about Mrs. Gordon's untimely passing hours after he'd tried to get her to return. In one episode "Fast Reputation," it was actually revealed that Carl is a great cook. Joann Bishop does not like Carl and often speaks very ill of him, despite his usual attempts to be nice to her.


Carl appears to be taller than most children his age. His hair is red, shaved on the side and the back and longer hair on top in a mid part style. He has a round face with buckteeth and his mother's nose. Fashion wise he almost always wears the same brown jumper with a spider design and light coloured pants with a yellow stripe on the side.

As an adult he streaks his hair back and wears a suit.



Lois Foutley: As his mother, Lois is used to Carl's shenanigans even though she does have a limit. She doesn't hesitate to discipline him when her crosses that line. However, when someone wrongs him she is usually on the front lines to defend him.

Jonas Foutley: Carl has a somewhat strained relationship with his father because he left when he was still very young and barely ever showed up in Carl's life. They do have a heart-to-heart one Christmas, but even after that Carl is still doubtful towards Jonas. Unlike Ginger who calls him "Dad", Carl calls him by his first name Jonas. In A Lesson in Tightropes he is very angry that Jonas came to the hospital when Ginger‘s appendix ruptured and said that Dr. Dave saved Ginger not him.

Ginger Foutley: Carl takes great pleasure in grossing out his sister. In the end though they are pretty close and will help each other out if necessary. In the episode Cry Wolf he shaves Ginger’s ankles to make it look like she shaved her legs so that way Miranda will stop blackmailing Ginger into doing her homework for her.

Dr. David DaveHe sees him as more of a father figure than his dad. He acts nice to him and he appreciated when Dave saved Ginger's life in "A Lesson in Tightropes".


Hoodsey Bishop: His best friend. He and Hoodsey do almost everything together. He hangs with out with Hoodsey on a regular basis as they maneuver their way through all kinds of adventures. 


Mrs. Gordon: Most of the time, he played a number of tricks on her. She didn't take his shenanigans kindly as she would get on Carl constantly. He called her "Gordo" most of the time. Despite this, however, deep down he really cared about her. When she was ready to retire in "No Hope for Courtney", he begged her to stay. She agreed, but shorty afterwards she passed away. When Principal Milty delivered the news the next day in class, Carl cried after hearing it. 


Noelle and Carl

Noelle Sussman: Carl's one true love. Originally, Noelle was viewed as a nobody by Carl on whom he could test his "disappearing powder", as he felt that she was expendable and would not be missed. As he studies the progress of his experiments, however, he realizes what a truly weird girl Noelle is, and that he misses her, leading the two to develop a relationship in And She Was Gone.

Maude: An eccentric elderly woman that Carl declares himself to be in love with. He is heartbroken when she passes away and overjoyed when she later briefly returns as a ghost on Halloween night she tells her that Ginger wasn’t the one who vandalized the school statue and had a picture of Miranda doing it. She gives Lois the picture and says that Ginger needs to hurry and get to the play before the curtain call. She says Happy Halloween to Lois before floating away. Lois is terrified at what had just happened.


Blake Gripling: He and Carl are rivals. Whenever he got face to face with Blake, he would often try to get the upper hand. He usually knows how to ruin Blake's plans. 

Brandon Higsby: Sometimes Carl would try to butter up to Brandon to get a certain perk. Other times, he finds Brandon annoying. His personality is the opposite of Carl's. He's not a fan of Brandon's goody two shoes behavior.  

Dwayne Cochran: He shares a good friendship with him. Carl likes Dwayne's job and he is one of Carl's allies. Dwayne helps Carl when he and Hoodsey ask for his assistance. 


  • Carl is allergic to peanuts
  • Carl appeared in all the episodes throughout the 3 seasons.
  • As revealed in "A Lesson in Tightropes", Carl is an atheist.
  • Carl is a talented cook.