Claire Gripling is Courtney and Blake's mother.  She is married to Prescott Gripling. She believes in spoiling her children. It has been revealed that she and Courtney take a trip to Paris each spring to see the new fashions too. Still, Claire has a lot to learn about being a good person. In Trouble in Gal Pal Land, Claire agrees to have Hoodsey pose as a street urchin whom she took in so she could win the election to be a board member of the country club, revealing that she will lie and deceive people in order to gain power, although she did in fact keep her promise to Hoodsey and Carl. In Mommie Nearest Claire goes to hospital after a bad facelift.


She has a good relationship with her children and she loves them very much. In Butterflies Are Free, she was worried about Courtney when she went missing for a brief moment. Courtney was eventually found in a locker by Andrew. Claire also attended her graduation along with Winston. She tends to be more of a friend to her kids rather than a mother. However, Courtney and Blake are good children and love their mother very much. Her relationship status with Prescott is they are still married. It's presumed that he is a busy man and he doesn't have time to see his kids as much as he wants to. In TGIF, Claire calls Prescott so her family can talk to him. Ginger was expecting to see him in person. Claire wasn't accepted in her country club after they found out that Hoodsey wasn't really a street urchin in Trouble in Gal Pal Land. 


Claire is a caring mother and does her best to take care of Courtney and Blake. Although, she can carry herself professionally at times, she does what she can to be there for her kids. 


She wears an assortment of clothing in the series. In her first appearance she wears a green dress with a matching green necklace. She wears her hair in a ponytail.



Prescott Gripling: She is still married to him. They have a long distance relationship. 

Courtney Gripling: She shares her features with Claire the most. Courtney is more like her mother in terms of holding themselves to a high standard.

Blake Gripling: Although, Winston is seen watching over him more, she seems to have a good relationship with Blake. 


Winston: He is her best butler. He assisted her to the country club in Trouble in Gal Pal Land. Their relationship is only professional. 


  • Claire shares some similarities with Charlotte Pickles from Rugrats as both women had plastic surgery, they‘re also blondes, have daughters with blonde hair, the both of them have the same hairstyle and red lipstick and their names start with the letter “C”.
  • Claire is a symbol of what mothers are acting today, only caring what young people are into today and acting like an older sister rather than a mother.


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